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The hypnotherapist called the family into the room together with the patient to acquaint them with the plan and the procedures.  After the family was informed, members left and the therapist talked for some time with the patient, discussing hypnosis, the powers of the mind, and pain.  An induction was then begun, and while it was slow going at the beginning, the patient did slip into a hypnotic trance and responded very well once relaxation was achieved.  He was programmed for alleviation of pain, control of emotions, ability to take nourishment, and response to treatment.  He was given a special cue to use for pain relief when discomfort became particularly intense.  He was given the tape and advised it paralleled the hypnotic session and would provide similar relief when used.  On awakening the patient commented that he had not rested so well in months.

In six weeks the patient died.  At the funeral services the wife told the hypnotherapist the final six weeks had been bearable for both the patient and the family due to the tape.  She commented that when the pain became intense the patient would ask for the tape, and when it begun the time required to move from deep pain to total relaxation was approximately thirty seconds.

It was evident that the expectation of relief more than the content of the tape was the effective element.  Such is the power of the mind.

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The information presented on this page was researched by the National Guild of Hypnotists educational facility and is distributed here as a public information service by Frances A. Carns, ND as a member in good standing.

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